Monday, February 10, 2020

Human Resource Management of Utiliscan Limited Essay

Human Resource Management of Utiliscan Limited - Essay Example In relation to the study the company which has been selected is Utiliscan Limited, a number one division in the United Kingdom that provides site investigations, safe digging solutions, and specialized drilling services. Notably, the majority of the company’s employees are programmers and engineers who are responsible for designing and installing proprietary software that regulate and track electricity and gas pipelines. Additionally, Utiliscan limited only employs devilish best, highly experienced surveyors to work in their fields and to utilize their current and state of the art equipment. The company is wholly owned by subsidiary adp Group Limited. However, it is management separately and provides services of drilling and vacuum excavation. The umbrella company under which Utiliscan was founded, adp Group Ltd, has lasted for twenty-seven years; historically in partnership and not as a limited company. The adp Group Ltd had been operating in numerous ventures including agric ulture and civil engineering before it ventured or diversified it service provision to site investment, surveying trade, and Vacuum Excavation that led to the birth of Utiliscan. The Utiliscan has its base in the south west of England, and its regional office is found in Southern France. The adp is committed in providing and fulfilling the society’s various needs in Topographical, Utility and Land Surveying, Diamond Coring, Environment and Borehole Drilling, Hydro and Pneumatic Vacuum Excavation requirements. However, with the current expansion of the company, the company has indulged into some new and demanding ventures; thus, it has been experiencing new demands of the services delivery. This has led to a rising needs of hiring new experts into the firm. For instance, the company has currently ventured in the sales of equipment, particularly within the entre western east of Europe and United Kingdom. Some of the equipment being sold by Utiliscan includes its sales of Vector Vacuums in the Western Europe and Air Spade in the United Kingdom. Additionally, it has specialized in sales, hire, and safe service delivery in all digging equipment. The company has achieved it objectives and goals because of its qualified workforce in its different fields. The company has qualified surveyors, drillers, operators, mechanics, engineers, managers, and directors from varied backgrounds. These experts have boosted the company to its vast knowledge, especially within its service sector. Therefore, the company is actually capable of providing standardized work and services in an effective, smoother, cleaner, quicker, effectively, and in a safer manner. Therefore, it can effectively help other constructors in achieving the same goals in the same zero strike record it has ever enjoyed. Notably, according to the research that was carried by the company’s former Director of Hr., Paul, it is apparent that the company had many problems that needed immediate attention. The analysis of the research indicated that not all of the employees were satisfied by the services offered by the organization. However, the size of the company may make it a little bit difficult for the management to find an amicable solution for the identified problems. Nonetheless, it would be particularly vital for the Utiliscan management to correct the already identified problems soonest to improve the rational, morale, and the performance of the employees. The initial step that was to be taken by the management has already by Paul. That is, he has already identified the existing problem in the company that may affect the performance of the company. The serious problems that are affecting the employees include fear of safety, dead end job, lack of incentives, lack of continued education, and profits that the employees deemed below average. Since the problems that are affecting the employees have been identified, it is; therefore, vital for the managemen

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