Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Are we too dependent on technology? Essay

Our ever-advancing technological world is subjected to both amazement and criticism. Technology has manifested itself into a form like a virus imprinted into us. As a result of which a question is posed to all of society, or those mainly in use of technology, are we too dependent on technology? There are those who believe that technology has taken over our daily lives, those who think that it only stands to benefit us and some who don’t think or care about its effects. The consensus that we are becoming too dependent on technology is one not so unbelievable. We all know for the most part that technology has integrated itself to just about everything that we do. For example, how many times do you check your phone, or go online to check your email or even play a video game. These are common examples of things we do daily without even realizing that these technologies have taken over our lives. Read more: People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology Technology can be viewed as a beneficiary to our lives rather than monster waiting to bear its fangs. It goes without saying that technology has both greatly improved our lives by making it simpler. Yes, technology has deprived us of some skills such as doing simple chore but the benefits outweigh its cost. For instance, the invention of the phone has revolutionized the way we communicate with others worldwide. Technology is only meant to make our lives easier. Being on the fence is a simple concept to understand, simply just can’t pick a side or don’t. Simply there are those who enjoy the use of technology, those who find it deprives us of mental growth and those who don’t care what happens when it’s used. Though technology can have a strong grip on our lives we aren’t stupefied without it. The matters of whether technology controls us or benefits us shouldn’t make a difference on how we live. We choose to live life like this and may or may not have known what might have happened, but once chosen there is no turning back. Overall, society today has accepted all technologies in one form or another.

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